Stardust Bubbler from Black Diamond

  • Marbles and Decorative Medallion on body
  • Black glass w/ diamond & stardust finish
  • Slyme work throughout
  • Made in the USA

Price: $214.00

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This Awesome looking green and black “Stardust” Glass Bubbler from Black diamond is the ultimate Water Pipe. It comes complete with a Slyme male 14.5mm male herb bowl with a roll stopper,a Slightly bent mouthpiece with marias, and a Fixed welded in 3 hole diffuser downstem with 14.5mm joint. This piece is for anyone who wants a very Luxurious Glass Bubbler that’s coplete in every aspect.

A unique Handmade Piece

Joint Size: 14.5 mm
Height: 20.5 cm / 8 inches

Made by: All American Glass Works
Sold by GrassCity