Small 4 piece Herb Grinder by Sharper

  • Built-In Mesh Screen
  • 6 Different Colors
  • Magnetic Top
  • Textured Edges For Grip

Price: $16.35

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This Small Herb grinder by Shreader features a 4-piece design with a magnetic top, a built-in Mesh Screen, a Pollen Catcher/Pollen Scraper, and Textured Edges For Maximum Grip that helps prevent your hand from slipping during the grinding process. It provides you a nice and simple herb grinding experience and a quality build. For the low price, this is just about the best value grinder that you will find. You can pick from one of the 6 different color choices available.

Portable on-the-go Design
Made of Alluminum
Great Quality, Amazing Price!

2″ Diameter

Made in the USA
Made by: Sharper
Sold by DankStop